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My mission is to offer mindfully crafted classes, gatherings, and retreats to learn and grow through movement, breath, and connection.

About me

Human connection fills me up, and I believe community is a necessary ingredient for joy. This, mixed with self-awareness/knowledge, is my recipe for a fulfilling life. Yoga has been the vehicle for me to cultivate this in my life.

My first exposure to yoga and meditation was when I was 12 years old in my hometown in the US (Steamboat Springs, Colorado). I grew up dancing and snowboarding, so movement has always been important to well-being. 

Later in life, movement took the shape of world travels. I taught yoga along the way and have had the fortune of teaching in small villages in Uganda, beach towns in Ecuador, and some of the best studios in Colorado (I’m pretty biased, though).

Having taught since 2011, I believe that yoga is a deeply personal practice. As with any meaningful relationship, it shifts, evolves, and deepens with time. Yoga has strengthened my understanding and knowledge of the body while connecting me with like-minded communities. 

Time and time again, the asanas (poses) and mindful breathing have been a gateway to strength and connection to my most authentic self beyond the physical. I am so passionate about these aspects of the practice and aim to share with others. I enjoy exploring and sharing the intersection between holistic traditions like yoga and meditation with the demands of modern life.

Before settling in Sweden and becoming a mother, traveling was my greatest teacher. I spent the better half of a decade traveling the world, which included attending university in Australia and managing a non-profit organization in rural Uganda. 

After the pregnancy and birth of my daughter, Sam, I discovered my passion for motherhood as a pathway to inner growth, community, and creativity. 

I moved to Sweden around Midsummer 2017 and live in Vejbystrand with my husband and two kids. In my free time, I enjoy being in nature, exploring new places, and learning more about anything related to human nature. I believe there is a real sweet spot of possibility at the intersection of mysticism and realism. 

For me, a well-spent evening consists of sitting around a table with friends and enjoying great food, conversation, and wine. I will never shy away from some good live music and a little spontaneity.

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– Certificates & Trainings –

Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher 
200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training (Samadhi Center for Yoga)
65-Hour Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training (Bliss Baby Yoga)
Yoga Mentorship with Beth Gurypriya Sanchez
Level 2 Restorative Yoga Teacher Training (ONE Yoga)
40-Hour Mediation & Conflict Resolution Training


kind words

“Steph picks up the pieces of my body, soul, and mind and puts them together in unity in every class. With a gentle power, she guides with warmth, deep knowledge, and most of all, humility, letting us yogis to ground and lift, root and fly.”

Marie Torshed

“I’m so grateful for the few times I could join Steph for yoga this summer. It really changed my relationship with my body and mind and helped me switch so that instead of looking at myself from the outside all the time I started to feel my body and listen from inside. Steph is a big part of my healing journey this year and I really want to thank her for that!”

— Maja

In a yoga lesson led by Steph, there is always the possibility to find new aspects within every pose. “Yogi’s choice”…a phrase often used by Steph means that it is really is up to me to choose the intensity of all positions of that day’s practice…WITHOUT any judgment. And Steph’s OM’s are THE BEST!


“I’ve been practicing restorative yoga and vinyasa flow and joined yoga retreats with Steph for almost two years and it has been a wonderful experience. Every single class is different because Steph adapts each lesson to individual participants, our specific wishes or limitations. Whether you are a beginner or a professional practitioner of yoga, you will find something new every time. 

I’m so thankful for the ways she has challenged and supported me and highly recommend her as a teacher or coach. Great classes that everyone can enjoy! Steph’s warm personality and calm voice make me really relax and the desire to remain in this mental state is indescribable.”

Anders Raginia

“Yoga with Stephanie is a unique experience. She has her own style and a good combination of flow and structure, softness and strength. It is a nourishing experience for the body, mind, and soul.”