A guided meditation (and more) for you

Welcome Baby Sleep Advice Community!

I’m happy you’re here prioritizing a mindful moment for yourself! When we take time for ourselves, we fill our inner cup and have more energy to care for ourselves and those around us. 

Below you’ll find a short and sweet 6-minute meditation to help deepen your breath, create more space in the mind, and get you back into your body.

Listen while breastfeeding, holding your baby, or use it to help calm yourself down while putting your little one to sleep. It’s the challenging moments in parenting that present us with opportunities to practice letting go, surrendering, and compassion towards ourselves. Easier said than done, but that’s why we call it a practice. You can also listen while on a walk and focus on the breath cues, allowing it to be a walking meditation. 

You can also download the audio so you can access it while you’re offline (on a Mac: move the pointer over audio, hit control, and then click the mouse, and choose ‘Download Audio’).

Meditation Audio

Ready for more?

See where a daily pause to breathe, reflect, and ground can take you with MINDFUL FIVE.

Over 5 days, I’ll guide you through short breath and meditation practices with opportunities to reflect as you build and form your own mindfulness practice.  

My gift to you! 

Don’t forget to download the lessons for easy lifetime access.

Take care!