An 8-week online yoga immersion and community to deepen your at-home practice and bring more yoga into your daily life through an exploration of the 8 Limb Path.

Next round – early 2022

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em·​body | to have and show particular qualities or ideas; represent
yo·​ga | ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’


We will take a holistic approach to wellness and fulfillment through the lens of yoga. 

We will ground ourselves through yoga postures, breathwork, and meditation. 

We will trust and nurture our inner knowing and intelligence. 

Let’s create space for stillness, contemplation, and intention. 

Let’s observe the spaciousness of the mind and the subtleties of the body. 

Let’s root into our relationship with yoga as a way of moving through the world in an empowered, clear, and compassionate way. 

What you can expect from EMBODY

Weekly recorded vinyasa class (60+ minutes) | 8 total 

Recorded restorative/yin/slow flow class | 4 total

Weekly LIVE breathwork and meditation class (30 minutes) w/short Q+A | 8 total

“Break it Down” Workshop | Opportunity to receive 1-1 session
to dive deeper into a specific question/topic | 4 workshops

LIVE vinyasa class + closing circle | Sunday, April 4

Recorded guided meditations | 4 total

Video tutorials and breakdown of yoga poses | Opportunities to request specific poses

Mini-lectures on theory, mindfulness, the nervous system, etc.

Surprise challenges and weekly check-in’s

Self-reflection and journal prompts

“Build Your Own Flow” PDF

Curated playlists 

Private online community in Mighty Networks

Return back and practice the classes as often as you’d like

Who EMBODY is for

Does any of the below resonate?


+ You are interested in approaching yoga from a holistic point of view where yoga nourishes your whole being – body, mind, and heart.

+ You want to cultivate discipline and deepen your at-home yoga practice and daily wellness rituals. 

+ This is a good fit if you’ve taken a break and want to get back into yoga, if you are newer and want to develop your practice, or if you have been doing yoga for some time and want to build a stronger at-home practice. 

+ You want to dive deeper into the alignment and basic anatomy of yoga poses, pranayama (breath), meditation, and yoga theory.

+ You have a basic understanding of foundational yoga poses (minimum of 3 months yoga practice is recommended). 

+ Desire to connect with like-minded and growth-oriented people.

+ You are interested in making more space for intention, intuition, and inspiration to come through.

+ You are willing to put in the work and keep showing up for yourself.

+ You want to gain deeper self-knowledge and understanding.

+ You want to create space in your life to connect or reconnect with your most authentic self.

This program will offer an array of topics within yoga so that you can build your own toolkit for well-being. Wellness means different things to different people and when we know what our unique recipe for wellness looks like, it’s easier to come back to when dealing with uncertainty and challenges. 

Embodying wellness from the inside out allows us to show up and share ourselves more freely with those around us. Embodiment grounds us through the natural ups and downs in life and gives us more clarity. You know and understand yourself on a deeper level, so there is self-trust from moment to moment. No guru required. A deeper relationship with self means deeper and richer relationships with others and the world around you. 

Schedule + Themes


Ground – Weeks 1 & 2
Hips & Legs // Grounding in Duality/Opposites 

Center – Weeks 3 & 4
Core // Intuition

Awaken – Weeks 5 & 6
Heart & Spine // Clarity + Expansion

Rise – Weeks 7 & 8
Integration + Interconnectedness // Yoga + Leadership
Live Vinyasa Class + Closing Circle

Why I created EMBODY

In times of uncertainty and constant change, it’s important to have and lean into rituals, support, and self-compassion. I created this program as an offering to share yoga as a way of deepening self-understanding because that is what it has been for me. 

Having taught yoga internationally for over 10 years, I understand that true connection to self and the practice of yoga are inextricably woven together. As one deepens, so does the other.

At some point the practice no longer began when I rolled out my mat and was instead something I carried within me. It was an embodied practice. I have leaned into yoga, more specifically the system of ideas behind it, more than ever this year, and feel deeply pulled to share the practice in this new way, through this program. 

I knew from the start that I craved having a community element to the program. Community is something we are hard-wired for and like many things, the more energy we put into something, the more we receive back. It may look different than we are used to but we need connection more than ever.

In case you’re wondering…

I haven’t taken your class before, what style do you teach?
The vinyasa style classes will be a steady pace, focused on linking breath to movement. They are accessible to all levels with opportunities to go deeper if you are called to do so. You can check out a few classes here for a taste of my teaching style.

Where will the live classes take place?
They will be held on Zoom. It is free to download.

What if I can’t attend the live sessions?
No problem! All live sessions will be recorded and shared so you can view them when it suits you. All classes and the program itself will be stored in Podia.

What day and time will the weekly live meditation and breathwork classes be? 
We will decide upon this once enrolment ends (February 2, 2021). The sessions will take place during the week. I will offer a few suggestions and we will settle upon a time that works for most. Since we may be joining from different time zones/countries, it might not be possible to accommodate all. If you can’t join live, all sessions will be recorded and shared. 

What is the weekly time commitment?
This is completely up to you. In a sense, this is a self paced program but the more energy you put in, the more you will get back. My recommendation would be to set a goal of getting to your mat 3-5+ times per week (roughly 3+ hours, but again this is up to you). You will receive access to material in 2 week increments. The classes are available to download so you have access to them as long as you’d like. 

Do I need to participate in the community?
This is also up to you but I believe this will be one of the more impactful and fun components of the program. It will help with accountability, allow you to connect with others in the program, and I will share additional information, surprise content, and check-in weekly. I believe we absorb information and experiences deeply when in community and alongside connection. I hope the community aspect of this program is something that you can lean into for support, that it gently pushes you to go outside your comfort zone, and where you bear witness to just how much we have in common with those around us. 

I am not sure if I’m the right level for the program. 
While some yoga experience may be helpful, your commitment is more important. I recommend that you have practiced yoga a minimum of 3 months or long enough to be familiar with poses like Downward Facing Dog, Upward Facing Dog and some Warrior poses. This program is open and suitable for a wide range of levels with a focus on building your at-home practice. If you’re unsure, reach out and we can talk. I recommend sharing your experience and what you’re interested in learning in the intake form once you’ve enrolled. The more I know about what you are curious about learning and excited about, the more we can co-create together!


Steph picks up the pieces of my body, soul, and mind and puts them together in unity in every class. With a gentle power, she guides with warmth, deep knowledge, and most of all, humility, letting us yogis to ground and lift, root and fly.

– Marie Torshed, Sweden

In a yoga lesson led by Steph, there is always the possibility to find new aspects within every pose. “Yogi’s choice”…a phrase often used by Steph means that it is really is up to me to choose the intensity of all positions of that day’s practice…WITHOUT any judgment. Also, “breathe into the sensation”…Steph uses this sentence as a very helpful way to master difficult or challenging positions. The more you practice it (breathing into the sensation) the better it gets. And Steph’s OM’s are THE BEST!

– Magda, Sweden

Yoga with Stephanie is a unique experience. She has her own style and a good combination of flow and structure, softness and strength. It is a nourishing experience for the body, mind, and soul. 

– Olivia, Sweden

I’ve been practicing restorative yoga and vinyasa flow and joined yoga retreats with Steph for almost two years and it has been a wonderful experience. Every single class is different because Steph adapts each lesson to individual participants, our specific wishes or limitations. Whether you are a beginner or a professional practitioner of yoga, you will find something new every time.

I’m so thankful for the ways she has challenged and supported me and highly recommend her as a teacher or coach. Great classes that everyone can enjoy! Steph’s warm personality and calm voice make me really relax and the desire to remain in this mental state is indescribable.

– Anders Raginia, Sweden

Registration + Self Investment

Investment: $333 // ≈ 2 800 sek (monthly payments available)

Early bird: use discount code “EMBODY10” to receive a 10% discount. Early bird ends January 9, 2021. 

EMBODY Class Only option: $99 (no early bird pricing available)
This will include 8 recorded vinyasa classes, 4 yin/restorative/slow flow classes, 4 guided meditations, select tutorials/lectures. You will receive the same classes as the full program but without any live classes. Classes will be available in 2 weeks increments so you will have all classes/lessons after the 8-week period and they will be yours to download and save.

Registration closes on February 2, 2021.

Cancellation policy: Please make sure you are willing to commit to this program as there are no refunds or credits. Thank you for understanding.

Scholarships + Financial Support

I believe wellness should be accessible to everyone and these times are undoubtedly challenging. I am offering several spots on a sliding scale with a few spots for full scholarship. These are available on a first come, first serve basis. Priority goes to BIPOC and LGBTQIA+, single-parent families, and/or those currently experiencing financial hardship.

If you would like more information on the sliding scale options, please email stephsandersyoga@gmail.com

Giving Back

3% from each program tuition will be donated to Manzil in India. Manzil is a non-profit, youth-led learning center. Manzil is providing a supportive community and resources for students to empower themselves. 

Questions? Please don’t hesitate to reach out! Email stephsandersyoga@gmail.com with any questions you may have! 

I truly look forward to connecting, flowing, and growing with you!