Virtual LIVE Classes

Please check back for upcoming virtual classes!

Zoom Info

Click on the “Register HERE” for the class you would like to attend. Once you are registered you will receive a link and password to your email.

If you don’t have Zoom already on your computer, you can either download the application for free here or you’ll be given the option to dial-in or to join from your browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Bear in mind the quality may be slightly lower via your browser.


Pay What You Can // Sliding Scale: 50-150 SEK // $5-15 USD
Please note the date and class in payment.

Swish: 123 356 8896

Giving Back

For EVERY payment received, ONE tree will be planted through One Tree Planted ( to help with reforestation. 

Class Descriptions

Move // Vinyasa flow with steady pace. Accessible to all levels. Basic understanding of vinyasa/chaturanga transition is helpful (plank, low-mid plank/chaturanga, up down to down dog). We will often spend a few minutes with breath and in meditation/stillness. All you need is a mat and props if you have them (but not necessary).

Restore // Yin and restorative yoga inspired. Gentle, grounding, calming. Bring a blanket and a pillow or two for added support.

Meditate+Breathe // We may incorporate a few minutes of light movement to get into the body but the focus will be on breath. We will finish in meditation. The breathwork will vary from day to day, some days it will be more relaxing while others it will have more active and energizing. All levels of experience are welcome! Find a comfortable place to sit or even lay down. You may want some blankets or a pillow to sit on.